Nursing school

What They Don’t Tell You About Nursing School

Everyone talks about the part of nursing school that requires hard work, dedication, and long nights of studying ridiculous amounts of material. However, there are parts of nursing school that no one tells you about that I have very abruptly discovered

Life doesn’t stop because you’re in nursing school.

1.Your friends graduate while you were waiting on that hefty waiting list.

2.Your kids don’t stop growing while your in nursing school; they still need to eat dinner even of you have a final tomorrow.

3.You learn who’s a true friend and who is not; your friends should understand you’re following a very rigorous and difficult process to pursue your goals… but some don’t.

4.You lack sleep, you lack so much sleep it hurts.

5.Coffee becomes your best friend, it really does.

6.Just because you’re in nursing school doesn’t mean your bills stop rolling in, oh they’re rolling in …. and with a vengeance.

7.Unfortunately not all family members are going to understand why you can’t come to the family BBQ.
8.You never expect the unexpected…. circumstances come up; you need to move, your car broke down, etc.

9.You’ll go through several school bags.. each one increases in size, eventually you surrender and go with a roller bag, even though you swore you wouldn’t.

10.And finally, you think all the time, everyday, it’s a constant overwhelming amount of thinking.

Some helpful hints to help you through

•Stay organized; very important to keep everything written down so you have a visual of what your week / month looks like.

•Before starting the program speak to your family and friends, this is important. Inform them about the program; let them know how important this is to you and that you need their support. Also let them know that you’re schedule is going to be hectic and you’re not always going to be available for family / friend events. It is important for your success to have a good support system.

And remember nursing school doesn’t last forever… even though it may seem that way.


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